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Prisma Cloud has been recognized as a Leader, receiving the highest possible scores in 18 criteria, including scalability, malware protection, Azure support, IaC, future plans in 3 categories, and more.

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IAM the first line of defense.

Find out who, how and what is being targeted within cloud environments.

Introducing Supply Chain Security

Visibility and protection for cloud native development

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Prisma Cloud

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Secure infrastructure, applications and data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Prisma Cloud


Prisma® Cloud secures infrastructure, applications, data and entitlements across the world’s largest clouds, all from a single unified solution. With a combination of cloud service provider APIs and a unified agent framework, users gain unmatched visibility and protection.


Prisma Cloud integrates capabilities from the world’s most innovative security startups and delivers them on an enhanced platform to provide market-leading functionality across all our individual modules. From container security to threat detection to web application and API security, security teams benefit from best-in-class protection.

Full lifecycle

Prisma Cloud integrates with any continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow to secure cloud infrastructure and applications early in development. Scan infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates, container images, serverless functions and more while gaining powerful, full-stack runtime protection. This is unified security for DevOps and security teams.

The industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform

  • Cloud Code Security

    Secure configurations, scan code, and integrate security with developer tools.

    Monitor posture, detect and respond to threats and maintain compliance across public clouds.

    Secure hosts, containers and serverless functions across the application lifecycle.
  • Cloud Network Security

    Gain network visibility, enforce microsegmentation and secure trust boundaries.
  • Cloud Identity Security

    Enforce permissions and secure identities across workloads and cloud resources.

A single platform for all your cloud security needs. See how it works.

Prisma Cloud leverages cloud service provider APIs to provide visibility and control over public cloud environments while extending security to hosts, containers and serverless functions with a single, unified agent framework. With support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, this is comprehensive cloud native security.

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A single solution for your entire organization

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You should know that Prisma Cloud is the industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Workload Protection solution that secures hosts, containers and serverless functions.

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You should know that Prisma Cloud delivers the most comprehensive Cloud Security Posture Management controls across cloud infrastructure, data and identities.