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Through the Eyes of an Adversary

Introducing Xpanse Assess, a closer look at your attack surface


See What’s Next with Attack Surface Management

Cortex Xpanse continuously discovers and monitors assets across the entire internet to ensure your security operations team has no exposure blind spots.
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Xpanse Assess

Get a snapshot of your attack surface with Xpanse Assess

ASM Report

50% of orgs attacked on unknown assets, per MIT Tech Review Insight

Attack Surface Management

A CXO’s Guide to Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management with Cortex Xpanse

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Get an outside-in view of your attack surface. Identify and attribute all internet-connected assets, discover sanctioned and unsanctioned assets, monitor for changes and have a single source of truth.

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Reduce third-party risk by identifying exposures potentially caused by misconfigurations. Don’t inherit M&A security issues.

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Get a snapshot of your attack surface to see an attacker's perspective at any point-in-time.

Our Attack Surface Management (ASM) Approach

Xpanse provides a complete, accurate and continuously updated inventory of all global internet-facing assets. This allows you to discover, evaluate, and mitigate cyber attack surface risks. You can also evaluate supplier risk and assess the security of acquired companies.

  • A single source of truth

    Manual asset inventory maintenance is slow and prone to error. An outside-in view of your attack surface catches assets and exposures you never knew existed to help with attack surface reduction.

  • Catch exposures and misconfigurations before a breach

    Get ahead of your ransomware risk assessment by discovering and remediating RDP exposures, the leading attack vector in ransomware attacks. Find exposed assets before attackers do.

  • Build an integrated attack surface program

    Integration with Cortex XSOAR, Prisma Cloud, and our broader portfolio allows our ASM findings to enhance security workflows, and secure unknown, unmanaged risks on your cloud attack surface.

Discover, evaluate, and mitigate attack surface risks, even the unknown

Cortex Xpanse continuously discovers and monitors your digital attack surface across the entire internet to ensure your security operations team has no exposure blind spots. Exposure categories we find:

  • 1
    Remote Access Service
  • 2
    Insecure file sharing/exchanging services (e.g. SMB, NetBIOS)
  • 3
    Unpatched systems vulnerable to public exploit and end-of-life (EOL) systems
  • 4
    IT admin system portals
  • 5
    Sensitive business operation applications (e.g. Jenkins, Grafana, Tableau)
  • 6
    Unencrypted logins and text protocols (e.g. Telnet SMTP, FTP)
  • 7
    Directly exposed Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • 8
    Weak and insecure/deprecated cryptography
  • 9
    Exposed development infrastructure
  • 10
    Insecure or abandoned marketing portals

Do you really know your attack surface?

It’s bigger than you think

35% of your assets could be unaccounted for.

It never stays the same

80% of your attack surface changes every day.

Adversaries scan for CVEs

5 mins after a critical disclosure. Xpanse makes you faster.

With Cortex Xpanse, customers discover 35% more assets than they were tracking using manual inventory processes

Cortex XPanse
Cortex Xpanse
Cortex Xpanse routinely discovers assets that an organization’s IT staff is unaware of and are not monitored. Connect with our team in an interactive demo to see what attackers see.