Join us at the premier summit for security operations
as we present a roadmap for building a modern SOC.

MAY 18-19, 2022


Security automation for everyone

Transform your security operations with automated workflows for any security use case. Orchestrate incident response across all security areas.


A look at the future, featuring Kevin Mitnick
and Forrester's Joseph Blankenship and the
launch of Threat Intelligence Management 3.0
 Security automation for everyone

Security automation for everyone

Best-in-class automation security teams need to respond rapidly to incidents, take action, and stay protected.
KuppingerCole SOAR Leadership Compass

KuppingerCole SOAR Leadership Compass

Security automation with our hands-on workshops

Experience security automation with our hands-on workshops

Anyone can SOAR. Experience 90% faster resolution, deal with 75% fewer incidents.


With 750+ integrations and 680+ content packs for a wide range of security use cases, we make it easy for you to orchestrate and automate incident response workflows and processes across your environment.


Discover, consume and share orchestration integrations and automation innovations contributed by experts in the world’s largest SOAR ecosystem via our Marketplace.


Our integrations and automation packs can be used right out of the box or configured easily to your needs. As you grow your operations, we can easily scale with you to support hundreds of clients or teams. You can deploy us on-premises, hosted or in a multitenant environment.


Manage all your security incidents from one location. Full ticket mirroring with tools such as ServiceNow, Jira and Slack, so you can automate ticketing tasks and manage tickets from XSOAR. No needless pivoting between consoles for your team.


With our integrated threat intel management, you can tie external threat intel to incidents in real time and automate distribution to enforcement points at scale. Reduce time spent managing your threat intel by 90%.


The perfect ally for security analysts, our machine learning-powered platform provides guidance based on past incidents and analyst actions. For example, our phishing email classifier model is trained on thousands of emails to help you detect malicious messages.

The industry’s most comprehensive SOAR platform

  • SecOps workflow automation

    Orchestrate and automate your incident response workflows across all security areas (SecOps, NetSecOps, CloudSecOps) and products.
  • Incident case management

    Security-focused case management with incident-specific layouts, real-time collaboration, customizable reporting and a war room for each incident.
  • Threat intel management

    With unmatched visibility into the global threat landscape, tie threat intel to incidents and automate distribution to enforcement points at scale.
  • Network security automation

    Automate routine tasks to turbocharge network security operations efficiency and facilitate cross-team collaboration.

Security Operations Center

Get an inside look at security operations with our virtual SOC tour. Click on each point of interest along the way to see how we prevent cyberattacks against our own organization.

You are not alone in your journey

Our Cortex Customer Success team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Cortex XSOAR deployment.

SOAR onboarding assistance

  • Customer journey kickoff
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Service configuration
  • Use case assistance
  • Training, documentation and workshops

SOAR platform support

  • Support community
  • Support portal
  • Telephone support
  • Response time (S1)
  • Slack DFIR private channel

Optimized SOAR experience

  • Annual health check
  • Customized success plans
  • Periodic operations reviews
  • Executive business reviews
  • Prioritized integration development

Discover the Possibilities of Automation

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) at Palo Alto Networks is tasked with protecting our 10K employees globally and a network of 50K endpoints that are continuously expanding. Our SOC also monitors security services consumed by our data centers and 75K customers worldwide. Find out how they leverage automation to provide these services with a lean in-house team of SOC analysts.