Unit 42

Proactive Assessments

Assess your cybersecurity readiness and prepare for an attack with proactive services from the world’s top incident response experts.

Unit 42 consultants work with you to mitigate cyber risk by performing targeted assessments and attack simulations designed to identify hidden vulnerabilities, weak security controls, or signs of compromise in your environment.

Go from reactive to proactive

Maximize the effectiveness of your team and your defenses.

As attacks escalate in frequency and sophistication, organizations should prepare for the worst. Proactive assessments give you the upper hand against adversaries by evaluating your controls, finding hidden vulnerabilities and testing your response capabilities to reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach.
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Compromise Assessment

Get the visibility to answer the question: Have I been compromised? Our experienced threat hunters leverage Unit 42 threat intelligence and best-in-class detection and response tools to conduct hunts across your environment to uncover indicators of compromise and ongoing or past attacker activity.

Tabletop Exercise

Simulate your response to a severe data security incident with key stakeholders. Using real-world breaches we’ve investigated and resolved, we build customized scenarios based on your industry-specific threats.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Prepare your people, processes, and technologies to mitigate the threat of ransomware. This assessment will help you avoid attacks with ransomware safeguards, test your readiness with ransomware tabletop exercises, and recover faster with a best-practice playbook. Put Unit 42 on speed dial with SLA-driven response times.

BEC Readiness Assessment

Perform a targeted cybersecurity risk assessment focused on all of the controls necessary to defend against business email compromise and other email-based attacks.

Breach Readiness Review

Perform a targeted risk assessment focused on security controls and the people, processes and technologies necessary to effectively respond to cyber threats. Our consultants provide remediation recommendations and a strategic roadmap to achieve a target state of breach readiness.

Security Posture Assessment

Perform targeted assessments and technical cybersecurity services to test and evaluate cybersecurity posture and overall cyber resilience. Evaluate your applications for vulnerabilities, including flaws in development, configuration, deployment and management.

Unit 42 Retainer

Put the Unit 42 elite incident responders on speed dial. With a Unit 42 incident response retainer, you receive rapid access to our expert consultants. Extend the capabilities of your security team to respond to any incident or apply your retainer hours to proactive cybersecurity advisory services.