Why Prisma Cloud?

Prisma® Cloud secures hybrid and multi-cloud environments for the world’s most innovative companies.

Prisma Cloud key differentiators

A single user experience

Each user works from the same dashboards built from shared onboarding, so your team can address all of your cloud security needs from a single-pane-of-glass.

Quick, simple onboarding

Onboard all of your cloud accounts and users within seconds to rapidly activate integrated security capabilities.

Proven ROI

With 77% of the Fortune 100 as customers, we know how to demonstrate return on your security investment. And we drive value for all of our customers, delivering a validated 276% ROI and $5.81M in Net Present Value.

Agentless scanning meets Agent-based protection

We’re the only solution that supports both agentless scanning and agent-based workload protection across VMs, containers/Kubernetes and serverless functions. Prisma Cloud gives you the flexibility to deploy the security best suited to your needs.

Integrated with developer and DevOps workflows

Prisma Cloud has integrations for popular IDE, SCM and CI/CD workflows, so you can identify and fix vulnerabilities and compliance issues before they make it into production. Prisma Cloud supports all major workflows, automation frameworks and third-party tools.

We're a known leader

With more than 2,700 customers and counting, we know how to operationalize security for your industry. We're proud to be recognized as a leader by third party experts.

Trusted by industry leaders

  • 77%


  • 1,700+


  • 3 B+


Built on the most innovative startups

Cloud security requires a unified and integrated approach to deliver full stack, full lifecycle security. That’s why we’ve acquired and integrated the world’s leading startups into our Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP).

Innovative Startups
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“First rate product & service allowing a holistic approach to CI/CD security from Build, Test, Release, Deploy and Run phases”

CSIRT Manager in the Retail Industry
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“Prisma was really easy to bring on board, and their team was really helpful and energetic. We were able to quickly identify and correct weaknesses in our security posture.”

Director of Technology Operations in the Services Industry
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“Ease of integration and implementation of security policies and controls across multi-clouds. The report generated on non-compliance policy assets is very user friendly and helpful in narrowing down to assets which require remediation.”

Manager of SecOps, Services, Security and Risk Management
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